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There's nothing simple or easy about running a business - customers and clients, employees and suppliers, lawyers, inspectors, taxes and accountants. You've got enough on your mind. Wouldn't it be nice to know that someone you trust is taking care of securing your business? Wouldn't it be nice to know that Baltimore Commercial Locksmith has it all under control?

Baltimore Commercial Locksmith - Tailor-Made Commercial Locksmith Services for Businesses of All Sizes

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own specific security requirements. A simple alarm system couple with one or two black & white CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) surveillance might suffice for a trendy boutique on the Harbor. A business suite in a high rise might require access control, or an intercom system. Whatever the size of your business, whatever your requirements, a commercial locksmith from Baltimore Commercial Locksmith comes in and assesses the situation - and makes a recommendation that's right on the mark for your needs.

Baltimore Commercial Locksmith fields questions about business security on a daily basis. Here are some of the common questions from business owners in Baltimore City and greater Baltimore County answered by our commercial locksmith.

CCTV - Is It Right For Me?

Q: I own and run a small boutique in Harborplace. Many of the businesses have set up closed circuit surveillance systems, should I get one? Aren't they really expensive?

A: CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV - video cameras are set up in a particular area and transmit send their signal to a small number of monitors. In the past, only large concerns, like banks, casinos and airports could afford them. With the falling cost of technology, more and more small and mid-size businesses-owners are turning to CCTV as a way of monitoring customers and employees alike. Call Baltimore Commercial Locksmith for a free evaluation today.

Q: My business employs a lot of students, so we have a lot of turnover. I never seem to be able to keep track of keys, and as a result, I need to change the door lock several times a year. Is there any way to avoid this?

A: Baltimore Commercial Locksmith suggests minimizing the number of people with full access to your facility. Why hand out keys to everyone? Two obvious options are an intercom system - with our without an accompanying CCTV camera - or a variety of specialized access control systems. We'll come to your site anytime for an evaluation.

Q: When I bought my system it came with an alarm system. My insurance company says I need to update - including installing a phone system that will dial the police automatically in the case of a break-in. Is this a reasonable request, or should I look for a new insurance company?

A: An integrated alarm system that incorporates a phone system for automatic notification of the police - and you - in the case or a break-in is not only reasonable, it's smart. Baltimore Commercial Locksmith installs this type of system quite often at competitive prices.

Q: The chief security officer retired and I've taken over for him. Everything was going great, but now I've got to change all the access codes in the system and he's off on his boat enjoying his retirement. I found your number in his files. Can you help?

A: First of all, please accept congratulations on the new job - and for knowing who to come to with your problem. Customer service is number one with Baltimore Locksmith. If your predecessor bought a system from Baltimore Locksmith, we can easily come in and help you out. If the system is not ours, our commercial locksmith will be happy to come to your site and take a look. With all the experience and knowledge gleaned over the years, changes are good that a solution will be forthcoming.

If you have questions about securing your business, just ask Baltimore Commercial Locksmith. Our commercial locksmith has all the answers.

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Baltimore Commercial Locksmith offers the highest quality, most-trusted commercial locksmith services available in our area. Our commercial locksmith is available 24/7 via our toll free fast response hotline.

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